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  I want my Aunt Tammy
Posted by: Iwantaunty69 - 04-12-2019, 05:48 PM - Forum: All Other Relationship energr.ru Sex Stories - No Replies

I have this Aunt Tammy who I want to fuck so bad.
She’s 55 years old, long dirty blond hair nice thick ass and perfect tits.
I’ve had a sexual fantasy for her since I was a teenager.
I used to live with her and seen her naked so many times.
All I do is fantasize about her every time I fuck someone or masterbate.
Any hints how I can get my aunt to fuck me??

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Heart How and when did it start ???
Posted by: insis - 01-29-2019, 01:59 AM - Forum: Bro Sis energr.ru Members Discussion Area - Replies (3)

Strated for me at 21.
though fantasy. i enjoy the feel

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  My mother was sucking my friend's cock
Posted by: energr.ru - 12-22-2018, 05:41 PM - Forum: Mom Son energr.ru Stories - Replies (1)

I'm Josh, an 18 year old college freshman attending a small college in Florida. I still live at home for a couple of reasons. My school is close to home and it's cheaper to live with my mother. Dad died when I was only 8 years old and I'm an only child. You could say I'm spoiled rotten, but I'd like to say I prefer to live at home to take care of my Mom.

I guess you could say I'm your average jock. I'm 6 feet tall, weigh 185 pounds and work out every day. My buddies all say I'm ripped, I just think I'm in good shape.

My father was very successful and gave my Mom a great life, leaving us quite well off when he passed away. We have a beautiful large home in Southern Florida with a huge pool. My parents were very young when I was born, my mother was only 16 years old, my Dad was 18. 

Mom and I've had a great life together but I've never seen her date since Dad's passing, maybe she just keeps it hidden from me but I don't think so. My Mom, Sharon, is only 34 years old and is often mistaken for being my sister. My friends always comment about her, especially when I invite them over for fun in the pool. If she only knew some of the things my buddies have said.

Mom is gorgeous, she's kept herself in perfect physical condition, exercising daily on her treadmill and taking aerobics classes. She still wears her blonde hair long, and has a great body. I've rarely seen her without make-up and she still looks like a college girl in a bikini. She's 5 feet 3 inches tall, tells me she is anal about her weight keeping it right at 110 pounds. She has blue eyes and I'm actually embarrassed to say, has great tits. I've never actually seen them bare but have checked out her bras to find out she wears a 36D.

Mom always has a great tan as she's always out by the pool, laying in the sun. I have friends over almost every day after school and she's always out on the pool deck with us. She pretty much ignores us most of the time but on occasion she's joined us in some pool volleyball or basketball. My buddies always invite her to join us as they love watching her tits bounce up and down. I'm embarrassed by it but if she wasn't my Mom, I'd stare too.

A lot of my friends flirt with her all the time. She loves to tease the guys by returning their flirts. I know she purposefully wears her most revealing bikinis when my buddies are over. She's even had them put suntan lotion on her back and legs many times just to get a rise out of them. There's never a shortage of volunteers to assist her. They actually fight over her. Many, many times I've seen my buddies growing bulges as she lets them coat her back with suntan lotion. I am certain she notices too.

One July day during summer break I invited a couple of buddies over to hang out by the pool with me. Only one of my friends could make it, his name is James. He's one of my best friends and comes over all of the time. My Mom says he's my stud friend. Jim works out a lot, making me look like the school wimp compared to him. He likes to show off his body as well, always being tan, wearing very tight swimwear. He's about my height but weighs 215 pounds of solid muscle. Mom says he's tall, dark and handsome, she's such a flirt. Jim's a few years older than I am too being 22 and a senior in college. The only time I've actually seen him dress like this is in front of my mother.

Jim has always had a thing for Mom too, I'd never tell her, she'd get a big head and really flirt with him. I've caught her so many times checking him out, she doesn't think anyone notices but all my buddies know she checks him out. He even knows it, I think that's why he wears those fucking skimpy suits. The bastard looks like he's hung like a horse too, maybe he stuffs his suit with something.

Anyway, as usual Mom had on one of her tiny bikinis, leaving little to the imagination. Thank God at least she wasn't wearing a thong or something, I've seen her wear those but only around me. I must admit, she's got a great ass too. What the fuck am I saying here? This is my Mom we're talking about!

Jim arrived about noon as the mid-day heat was building. As soon as he got here, we went right in the pool to cool off. Mom joined us, I guess she needed to cool off a little too. She'd been out in the sun for about an hour already. She was wearing her little white bikini. As soon as she got wet the damn thing was transparent, I had to look away.

"Mom, I think maybe you should go change," I finally had to say.

"Why, what's wrong," she answered flirtatiously looking right at Jim.

"Don't listen to him Sharon, you look great," Jim interrupted.

"Whatever," I said as I couldn't look directly at her now.

Mom got out of the water, walking to her lounger as Jim continued staring. Her bikini bottom was also transparent as well, showing her ass cheeks plainly as she walked away. As she turned to face us I could even see her tiny area of pubic hair slightly, just a tiny triangle beneath her suit. Jim never took his eyes off Mom as I looked away.

It seemed like Mom was spending a little more time than usual toweling off as she stood facing us, surely just teasing Jim. Stupid Jim just stood there with his mouth half opened staring at her. I finally nudged him.

"Jim, you fucking perv, that's my Mom you're staring at," I had to say.

"Oh, sorry Josh, I wasn't staring," Jim said as he finally looked away.

We stayed in the pool for only a few more minutes before Jim decided to get out. I was positive he just wanted to get a closer look at my mother, fucking idiot.

As I expected, Jim went right for the lounger next to Mom, plunking his ass down without pausing. When he turned around I thought I noticed a little larger bulge than normal in his suit this time. That stupid fucking tight suit of his just about outlined the shape his cock, not that I was looking or anything. Mom sure was!

The phone rang, since I was the only one standing I went to the kitchen to answer it. When I got back I could tell Jim still hadn't taken his eyes off Mom and she was now flirting with him, as usual.

"Josh Hun, could you run to the store and get something for all of us to drink? We're all out of Coke, I don't think we have anything else in the house to drink," Mom said.

"Sure Mom, I'll be back in 15 minutes."

I never got the chance to sit down as I turned to return to the house to change, then go to the store. I thought I'd check the garage refrigerator to see if maybe we had something in there so I wouldn't have to leave. Sure enough, there was an entire case of Coke so I grabbed a couple of six packs to put in the kitchen refrigerator.

I put them in the refrigerator and grabbed three to take back out to the pool, stopping at the kitchen window glancing out toward Jim and Mom.

Jim was rubbing Mom's back with suntan lotion, I'm sure she put him up to it thinking I was on my way to the store. She quickly rolled over, her tits still showing through her bikini top. She must have asked Jim to do her front too. What the fuck was she doing? She was cock teasing Jim and loving every second as he tentatively spread the lotion on her stomach, his hands moving to her arms. I could tell he was nervous about this but could also tell that Mom was staring at his crotch as it grew. They had no idea I was in the house but Mom was being ridiculous, teasing him.

I couldn't believe what Mom did next! She took Jim's hands in hers and placed them on her tits, coaxing him to massage them. His eyes were like saucers as her hands covered his, as she had him massage them. She removed her hands from his as he continued massaging her tits. I have to admit, I was getting an erection, and this was my fucking mother.

Mom then untied her bikini top and slipped it from beneath Jim's palms as he massaged her now bare tits. Mom's head was now tilted slightly back, definitely enjoying the attention. This was way more than flirting and I had a good mind to go put a stop to it. But I couldn't, I actually had my cock out now, stroking my raging erection.

Jim lowered his face to Mom's tits, now sucking one and massaging the other. Her tit's looked like a 21 year old's, they were large and firm, her nipples hard. Jim was now aggressively attacking her tits with his mouth, switching from one to the other. Mom was lying back with her eyes closed, Her fingers running through Jim's hair.

How far would Mom take this, this was getting way out of hand. This was my friend! Mom finally must have said something as Jim stopped this foolishness, releasing Mom's tits and settling into his lounger.

Thank God, they came to their senses. Mom was topless, her fantastic big tits naked, as I'd never seen. My cock was still in my hand, hard and leaking pre-cum from excitement.

Jim was on his back now but it was VERY evident he had a huge erection straining to be released from his suit. I could feel his pain knowing how uncomfortable he must have been. Mom sat up, her bare tits exposed as she reached for his waistband. She pulled his suit down in one quick movement exposing his massive cock, almost erect with huge balls hanging below.

Mom completely removed them as Jim lay stunned looking at her. What the fuck was she doing? She reached for him, grasping his cock with both hands as she stroked his mast to erection. Mom was twisting and stroking Jim's huge cock slowly, never taking her eyes off of it. He must have been at least nine thick, circumcised inches long. He continued swelling as she caressed his mast, now bulging with veins and twitching as she stimulated him.

Jim was lying on his back, Mom now on her knees next to him still stroking his big cock. His mouth was open in amazement as he reached for her tits, squeezing them as she continued twisting and stroking his cock. I couldn't believe what she did next! 

Mom bent forward, licking the head of his cock as I witnessed her licking the moisture from the tiny slit on the top of his shaft. She still had both hands around it as the head of his cock disappeared in her mouth. My mother was sucking my friend's cock! The head was completely in her mouth.

Jim's head was back now, his eyes closed as Mom's mouth devoured most of his shaft, taking most of his length into her mouth as she rose and fell again. One of her hands was cupping his massive balls as the other twisted and stroked, following the path her wet lips were tracing up and down his shaft. The saliva was getting thick and glistening in the sun as she slurped and sucked his massive cock.

This lucky fucker was getting the best blowjob I'd ever witnessed, and it was from my Mom. Mom was rising and falling rapidly now, surely expecting my return soon. Was Mom going to finish him off? 

Mom was orally assaulting his cock now, feverishly milking him as he began to moan. His hips started meeting her falls as he pushed his cock deep inside her mouth. Jim started to roar as he clenched Mom's head, forcing his cock deep into her throat. I could tell he was cumming as he yelled.

"Swallow my cum Sharon!"

His hips bucked violently as he groaned, cumming in Mom's mouth. I couldn't take any more as I started to cum, my first load shooting forcefully from my cock as I held my hand over my mouth to muffle my own noise. I continued cumming as I watched my friend unload his semen into my Mom's mouth. She swallowed a lot, then released as he continued shooting his sticky cum onto her tits as she milked his shaft dry with both hands.

As his orgasm finished, Mom leaned forward, licking the remaining semen from his cock. Then she massaged the milky mixture into her tits as he lay still in amazement and shock, having just received the best blowjob of his life.

In the meantime, I was busy cleaning the mess of the cabinet and kitchen floor I'd made with paper towels. 

Jim quickly put his suit back on as Mom retied her bikini top. I waited a few minutes, then went out the door carrying three Cokes.

"Did you miss me?" I asked.

"Yes, we're dieing of thirst," Mom answered as she looked flirtatiously at Jim. Jim couldn't even look at me at this point, knowing what he had written all over his face. He never mentioned having done this, probably thinking our friendship would have ended. But I knew I'd never look at Jim or my mother the same again.

In the days following, more friends were joining Jim and I at our pool than normal making me wonder if Jim had been bragging about his conquest over my mother. Mom and Jim continued flirting with each other, me not giving them the chance to repeat this as I never left them alone.

Mom's bikinis got ridiculous though, she was now wearing g-strings around all of my buddies. They were paying way more attention to her than me making me wonder if she was the only reason they were coming to the house now.

Four days later Jim, me and two other friends, Mark and Hank were playing volleyball in the pool when Mom walked out. God, she was embarrassing me. She was wearing her transparent bikini again, I knew it would be almost invisible as soon as she got wet. She went straight into the pool too, all eyes were on her, even mine. What had Jim created?

Mom was only in the pool long enough to get wet, getting right back out to take her place on her sacred lounger. Everyone was staring at her as she looked almost naked again. All three other guys got right out of the pool to join her, in loungers as they stared. I swear I noticed an extra bulge in every suit, including my own.

"Can you get us all drinks Josh?" Mom asked as she winked at Jim. "You may have to go to the store, I think we're about out. Would anyone like to go with Josh to the store?"

Nobody volunteered as they all were too busy checking out Mom's tits. 

"I'll go to the store Mom," I said knowing we had more soda in the garage.

I went right down to the garage, quickly bringing the Coke back to the kitchen hoping to see something again but doubting it with all these guys out there.

To my delight as I looked out the kitchen window, I saw Jim already rubbing Mom's tits right in front of the other guys. She wasn't resisting, instead she removed her top immediately, right in front of everyone.

"OK guys, if I'm going to take something off, you have to too," I could hear Mom say.

All three guys dropped their trunks without delay. Mark and Hank had expressions of shock on their faces, not believing what was happening as Jim was already sucking Mom's tits. Mark's cock was already standing at attention, it wasn't nearly as large as Jim's. He looked to be about average sized, maybe 6 or 7 inches but standing straight, pointing toward the sun. Hank's cock was a little smaller, not tiny, but looked to be between 5 and 6 inches long. He was hard as a rock as well.

Mark and Hank couldn't help but steal glances at Jim's huge cock as they approached Mom. Mark went right for Mom's unattended tit and started to suck and knead it as if it were the first one he'd ever seen or touched. 

I couldn't believe what that fucking Hank was doing but it was hot. He had Mom's bikini bottoms down, his face moving toward her pussy. He was going to give Mom oral sex.

Mom grabbed his head, practically driving him into her pussy as he eagerly met her with his tongue. Mark was now standing in front of Mom as she easily devoured his cock, her tongue was licking his balls as his pubic hair rested against her nose. 

I was rock hard, my trunks now around my ankles as I stroked my throbbing cock. Mom was sitting up now, stroking Jim's massive meat as Mark's cock was buried in her mouth. His hips were rocking back and forth as he held her hear tightly against him, force fucking her mouth. She easily consumed him as I could see him tensing to cum.

"Stop boys, we don't have much time. Jim, lay down," Mom commanded.

Jim took her place on the lounger as his cock pointed upward. My Mom was actually going to fuck him this time! She slid onto his cock, her tits hanging, pressed against his chest. Mark again took his place in front of Mom as she stuffed his cock into her mouth, grabbing it with one hand.

Jim's cock disappeared into Mom's pussy as she sat onto it, driving Mark's cock deep into her throat. Mark immediately stiffened as he commenced fucking her mouth, gripping her head with his fingers tangled in her hair. He forced her to swallow his cum as he spasmed, his hips jerking as he unloaded into her mouth. She eagerly consumed everything, never spilling a drop as he finished and stepped back. His cock glistened in the sun from her saliva mixed with his sticky cum.

Hank took his place as Mom devoured his cock, driving it deep into her mouth. His cock was completely impaled by her mouth, his pubic hair hiding her nose as she gagged, holding him deep into her throat.

Jim was now pushing upward, burying his cock into Mom's cunt as she met his thrusts with her falls onto it. She tensed as she released Hank's cock, unable to concentrate on him as she shook in orgasmic pleasure, gripping Jim's shoulders as she strained, shaking as she came.

She reached for Hank's cock again, grabbing it as she devoured him. She feverishly worked his cock up and down with her lips tightly wrapped around his cock as she twisted and stroked it. He quickly stiffened, unable to hold back any longer from her masterful oral assault on his cock. He forced his cock into her mouth as he held her firmly, pushing himself into her throat as he groaned in pleasure. I could tell he was cumming as he forced his hips forward each time his cock spasmed another load into her mouth. He continued growling until he was voided of his hot cum.

Jim was tensing, holding Mom's shoulders tight as he thrust upward, slamming his massive cock into her as he started to erupt. He yelled as he emptied his load into Mom as I felt myself cumming as well.

I was beating my cock fast, my cum erupting, spurting forcefully onto the cabinet in front of me. I came so hard I couldn't watch, my eyes were tightly closed as I slammed my cock up and down, ejaculating all over the floor, wishing I was now included by the pool. I came until I squeezed my final drops of sticky cum from my cock, opening my eyes to see Mom now licking cum from Jim's cock and balls. She was cleaning him, consuming his cum that had oozed from Mom's pussy. 

Mark was licking Mom's pussy, devouring the cum left behind by Jim. I couldn't believe he was doing that but it was hot to watch as she shook in orgasm again. Everyone quickly dressed as Jim noticed me looking out the window. 

I'm not sure if Jim ever told Mom but I never discussed it with him. It was so fucking hot watching this that I didn't want to fuck up a good thing, hoping for a repeat performance. I cleaned up the mess I made in the kitchen and quickly collected the Cokes I had been assigned to get from the store. I waited until everyone was dressed and trying to act innocent before I made my exit from the house.

"Anybody miss me?" I asked

"We sure did, we're so thirsty," Mom said.

All of the guys acted a little sheepish and didn't stay much longer after I "arrived". 

"We have to leave now Josh, Mark and I have to help my parents with something," Said Henry about 10 minutes later.

"I'll help," said Jim.

They all three left together, leaving me home alone with Mom. She looked at me kind of weird as if she knew something I didn't. I didn't push the issue and certainly wasn't going to talk about sex with Mom so we each went our separate ways, finding things to do around the house.

Another week went by with no repeat incidents that I knew of. My same friends were coming over again in the afternoon to hang out by the pool. To my surprise and disappointment, Mom's friend, Carol was out sunbathing with her when the guys arrived. 

Jim, Mark and Henry brought another friend with them. His name was Chuck, he was from a different school. I had never met him before but he seemed like a nice guy, a lot like Jim. He was muscular, tan and very quiet.

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  Young lust bro sis energr.ru sex stories
Posted by: energr.ru - 12-22-2018, 05:06 PM - Forum: Brother Sister energr.ru Stories - Replies (33)

Trust me; this is not going to be just another one of those, What I Did on My Summer Vacation stories. But then, it did get started over the summer between my Junior and senior year. It was the summer I turned eighteen, and my sister Clea was already nineteen and getting ready to go off to College. Anyway, I came home one afternoon, and spotted Clea and her girlfriend Anita soaking up some sun out by the pool. I figured they weren't expecting me to show up, because they were both topless. Well, I already knew Clea had a great rack; hell, she'd flashed her tits at me often enough. But oh man, her friend Anita had huge melon sized jugs, with these really big jutting nipples. From the den I'd be a whole lot closer to them, so that's right where I headed. The den was pretty dark, and I figured that they wouldn't be able to see me scoping them out. Anyway, I sure hoped so, because I already had my dick out.

My sister has a terrific ass, and when she rolled over on to her stomach the way her tiny thong bottom split her ass cheeks sent my hand in to overdrive. Anita got up, and said something to Clea I couldn't hear. And when she started to push her bikini bottoms down her legs I thought my heart was just going to explode right out of my chest. It was perfect, her back was to me; so when she bent over I collected my first real good look at live pussy. Hey, I'd had my hand down a couple of different girl's pants, but I'd sure never seen one live and in person. And Anita's was nearly completely bare, with only a narrow strip of dark pubes running above all that glistening wet pink. She picked up the sun screen, and honestly, I almost blew when she bent over and began sliding her hands up and down her legs. She had them spread a bit, and as she ran her hands up over her ass she spread those gorgeous cheeks even wider apart. Oh man, and I thought I'd had a good look before. But, when her hands spread her ass cheeks, her pussy's puffy lips parted too, revealing the winking eye of her vagina.

Beats me why; but, Anita was laughing when she bent over and began spreading oil over Clea's back and shoulders. I could hardly believe how great Anita's awesome tits looked, hanging their and jiggling while she worked her hands down to Clea's ass. My poor dick ratcheted up in to a level of hard that was almost scary. No way around it, I just knew, I was going to blow a load. So, I figured I'd use my T-shirt to catch it. But, when I pulled the damn thing over my head, I banged an elbow off the sliding glass door. Luckily, the girls didn't seem to notice, and just as soon as I could breathe again, my hand was back blasting up and down my dick. You probably don't want to hear about the huge load of cum that I blasted in to that poor shirt; oops, but I guess you just did. After I shot, I felt a little weird sneaking peeks; so, I headed on up to my room.

Later that evening, after dinner, our folks headed out to play cards with some friends. It wasn't long after that, and I was stretched out on my bed reading. Clea knocked, and then stuck her head in, asking "Hey bro, can I come in?" I figured she'd just gotten out of the shower, because her hair was wet, and all she had on was a short robe. She plopped down on the foot of my bed, and stretched her long legs out. That damn robe gaped open almost clear to her crotch. And yeah, alright I was staring. Clea giggled and shifted her other leg so that now I could see both of them bare nearly to her pussy.

Sorry; but, I've got to interrupt my own story. Some of you won't like reading this, but Clea is really my step sister. Our folks hooked up when I was three, and Clea and I have been tight right from the first. And believe me; neither of us ever uses that "step" word.

I waited and watched, but when she didn't say anything, I asked her what was up. She gave me this look, and then said "I know that you were checking out Anita and me this afternoon. And, I'm betting that you, well you know, did it while you were watching." Shit, I blushed, and then blushed some more because I'd blushed. Clea reached out, patted my bare thigh, and said "Hey, its cool. It didn't bother me and Anita never even notice." Her robe gaped open a bit more; and oh wow, suddenly I was staring at one fully bare tit, complete with its pointy pink nipple. Well, Clea's hand was sort of caressing my thigh, and between that and the sight of her bare legs, and that exposed tit of hers, I was sporting a serious hard-on. So, she sat there grinning, staring at that bulge in my shorts, and told me that she liked having me checking her out.

Honestly, I've been checking her out; ever since I stopped thinking girls had cooties. And, I suppose I've been whacking-off, and fantasizing about her about that long too. So, I told her "Well yeah sure, Hell sis, you know you're bod is smoking hot." I've already told you Clea's pretty hot; she's bleach blonde with big green eyes and a terrific smile. That summer she was tan, right down to where her bikini's thong bottom left a tiny bit of white skin. Her tits aren't anywhere near as big as her friend Anita's; but, I figured they were still a tasty handful. And right then, the one pink nipple I could see was popped right out, looking all hard and pointy.

Burying her face in her hands Clea giggled, playfully teasing "Oh my God, my brother thinks I'm a hottie." And then, she leaned over and stroked her nails up my thigh, under my shorts, and half way to my balls. That move left her robe gaping wide enough to leave me gaping at bare pussy. And never mind that both her firm tits were on full display too. Because, there was just this little triangle of bleached blonde pubes that pointed right to her bare, and I mean a shaved bare pussy. So, while my eyes bounced up and down her nearly naked body, Clea just sat there wearing this shit eating grin. That wandering hand of hers was about to drive me nuts. Her hand was still under my shorts, nails stroking way up high on my inner thigh. And then, with a snort of giggles, she jumped to her feet. Oh God and she looked so smoking hot, standing there with her hands on her hips and her robe hanging wide open. She licked her lips, Shrugs her shoulders, that robe slid to the floor, and she was standing there bare ass naked.

Awesome! I just sat there babbling "oh man, oh man" over and over. And, that was even before she cupped her tits in her hands, and started to tease her nipples. Hey, and I'd been right too; at least in her hands, Clea's tits were a tasty handful. So, while my very sexy sister watched me watching her, she teased, pinching and rolling a pair of rock hard looking nipples between her fingers. I laid there staring, absolutely not believing my eyes. My amazing sister ran her hands over her body, letting her fingers glide down to her hips. Pausing, she planted one fist on a jutting hip, letting the fingers of her other hand curl, caressing the soft tan skin of her flat belly. That hand slid lower, then lower still, and then she pushed it out of sight between her thighs.

When Clea planted her foot up on the edge of my bed, she managed to do more then just stop my heart cold. For one thing, standing that way left her legs spread just about as wide open as they could be. So, the only thing between my bugged out eyes, and my first real close-up look at a real live pussy was Clea's hand. And that hand was sliding back and forth between her thighs, giving me only tantalizingly brief glimpses of her glistening wet pussy. Oh sure, I wondered later just where my sister had learned to play so nasty. But just then, I was much too busy being dumbstruck by the sight of her pushing a pair of her fingers in to her vagina. Unbelievably, she started to giggle as she slowly pumped them in and out. OK, and she was still giggling when she yanked her fingers out, and wagged the nearly dripping wet things in my face.

I didn't move, or say a word, just watched my naked sister crawling on to my bed. She knelt there straddling my legs, and eyed me quizzically. But when she leaned forward bracing her hands on my thighs, I just couldn't resist the temptation. Right then, I thought her tits were pure perfection. Those beauties barely jiggled, and oh god they were so smooth and round. Her nipples were hard and sticking out, and I reached for them. Playfully, Clea batted my hands away, reaching for the bulge my throbbing hard-on made in my shorts. She started running her fingers over it , and I thought it would just burst right through my shorts,. But, she actually had her fist wrapped around it when she coaxed "I want to see it. Come on Dave, show it to me. You jacked-off watching us today, didn't you? Sure you did; come on, tell me! I bet you came thinking about fucking Anita too, right?" Oh man, and she was licking her lips and talking in this husky, real sexy voice. I guess she got tired of waiting for me to do something, because she finally just grabbed my shorts with both hands and yanked them down.

Clea didn't do anything, well except stare at the cock that sprang to rigid attention. And I mean, she stared like maybe she'd never seen a guy's hard-on before. I figured that sure couldn't b; Hell, Clea's real popular, and always had a boyfriend. And whispered or not, you bet I heard her say "Oh my God Dave, its big. I mean wow; total wow, its sure way bigger then my stupid boyfriend's!" She smacked my leg then, and this time sounded serious when she asked "Come on bro, tell me. Were you playing with that big hard thing and thinking about fucking Anita with it?"

What else could I do, but tell her what I'd been doing? I got as far as "OK yeah, I did it, but it was you I kept thinking about", before Clea interrupted.

Sounding awfully skeptical, she said "I don't think so", before adding "I mean, come on Dave, she got naked, don't tell me you weren't staring at her pussy."

Of course I had to admit "Hell yes I looked", but that sure wasn't all I told her. "Anita's pretty hot I guess. But, I don't know, like I told you, you're smoking hot, and super sexy. And even if you are my crazy sister, it was you I was thinking about. Oh Hell, and you might as well know, it sure wasn't the first time, I've pounded one out fantasizing about you either."

Clea was so excited that she was positively bouncing. And she practically squealed her "Oh shit, that's just too hot. Oh man, oh man, you really did it thinking about me, fucking total wow, that's fucking hot." Gee, if I'd known she'd get all worked up knowing I'd whacked-off to thoughts of her, I'd have told her about doing it a long time ago.

Clea shifted, moving so she was kneeling between my legs. Using that real sexy voice again, she insisted "Please Dave! Come on, do it for me. I jack-off my boyfriend all the time." I'd pretty much figured that, but what she said next really floored me. "Gosh, actually I really, really like doing it! Sure, and I guess I've got a bunch of dates off that way too. But honest, I've never gotten to watch a guy doing it. You'll do it for me won't you Dave?"

My head was still shaking when she slowly reached out a finger, and lightly stroked my balls. Her hand followed right behind that finger, and wrapped itself around my balls. Her other hand slid around my cock, gripping it in a tight fist. And, she kept that fist slowly pumping up and down, while she wheedled, flattered, and finally sexily whispered an offer I couldn't refuse. "Please Dave! Do it for your sis. Come on, you'll do it for me won't you? Oh Dave, you're so hard, yeah and it's so much bigger then my boyfriend's. Hey, I'll just bet you've had lots of girls doing this for you, right? But, brother dearest, I bet you've never seen a girl playing with her own pussy before? What do you say bro, would you like too?" Well, it sounded good alright, even if she had that part about the other girls wrong. Anyway, I barely managed to croak out, "Oh man, seriously, you'd really do that?" But honestly, I was still pretty damn reluctant. By then, with the way her fist was just absolutely blasting up and down my cock; I sort of figured, if I didn't answer her, well pretty quick it wouldn't matter anyway.

She was getting real breathy, you know breathing fast while she told me how turned on she was getting, and how much she loved my"Big old red hot monster of a cock." But then, she let go of it, leaned back with her hands on her hips, and asked "OK so, how about this? Do it for me now and the next time Anita's over and we're lying out, I'll make sure we both get naked. Yeah, and then I'll make an excuse to come in. I'll give you the best hand-job you've ever even dreamed of! Hey, and you can just go right on scoping her out while I'm doing you too." I even believed her when she added "And, I'll like making you cum while you're thinking about fucking my best girlfriend, yeah, I'll like that a lot." OK, she had me, and yeah, she knew it too. So, her how does that sound bro" was hardly necessary. 

So, watching her eyes, I reached out and wrapped my right hand around my cock. Oh, and her eyes might just as well have been glued to my slowly pumping fist. "Just so you know", I told her. "Yeah, if Anita's lying there naked, I'll be looking at her alright." Wanting to make sure she heard what came next, I let go of my cock. I smiled, and leaned back with my hands behind my head, before telling her "Sis, its going to be you I'm fantasizing about."

I didn't understand then, or much care either; but for some silly reason, right then anyway, I was obsessed with the thought of watching Dave jacking-off. Earlier that afternoon, I'd known he was hanging out in the den, undoubtedly peering out at Anita and me. Why not, we were lying out topless, while we worked on our tans. And, I just couldn't stop thinking about him in there, with his big old pecker out, and all thick and hard in his hand. I just knew if he had it out, he'd be playing with it too, well duh., I wanted to be in there, watching his hand fly up and down his cock faster, and faster, until finally it started spurting out streams of cum.

Oh God, and when Anita stood up with her back to Dave, and stripped out of her thong; honestly, I don't know how I didn't just laugh my silly head off. I mean, she didn't have a clue about brother Dave, did she? Oh, and then she bent over and started to rub oil on her legs, and I just knew poor Dave was staring at her bare pussy, and really going to town on his cock. Feeling really dumb, I was too embarrassed to take off my bikini bottoms. I mean it's not like Anita's never seen me bare ass naked, but right then, my pussy was dripping wet, and well, I just didn't want to have to explain why.

Later that evening it was still all I could think about, and that's what had led me to Dave's room. So, before long their I was naked showing off more , well all of me, then I'd ever shown any guy, and feeling more exposed then I'd ever felt in my life. And, I liked the feeling. That's when I realized, just thinking about doing myself right there in front of Dave, actually had me more turned on then those fantasies about watching him jack-off. Hey, not that I wasn't still on fucking fire to see that. I wanted to be sure, so I said "Hey bro, this is just for fun, right? You know that we're not going to like fuck or anything like that?"

The poor boy's eyes never stopped bouncing back and forth between my tits and my pussy, but he did manage to actually speak. "Yeah sure, we're only playing around. God, you are my sister!" Yeah sure, but this sister's pussy was on fucking fire; and for sure I'd never been so turned on before.

So far anyway, Dave had only teased me, barely touching and briefly stroking his cock; but, I was positive he would; well, if he kept his eyes on my play anyway. Usually when I'm masturbating, I just reach straight for my clit. OK, sometimes I'd slip in a couple of fingers, and pretend they were some cute guy's big cock fucking me. That time, I started with one hand spreading my pussy's lips apart, and the other one flicking a finger out over my clit. Yeah, so I'd gone straight for it, I told you I was on fucking fire, didn't I? Gosh, I'd been getting myself off since I was about twelve, but none of my boyfriends had ever done it for me. And, I'd sure never done myself in front of one of them either. My first orgasm came on fast, and oh fuck, did I ever love being free to ham it up, and be real loud and nasty. The parents still weren't home, so there were lots of loud oh my Gods, and a couple of squealed, I'm cuming, I'm cuming. Finally I'd screamed a long drawn out "Yes, oh yes, yes, yes, oh shit, I'm cuming." Hey, it was the first time I'd ever been able to cut-loose, and really scream my brains out. It really added something, totally piling it on too something that was already pretty seriously intense. Anyway, I sure didn't fake any part of it, that's for damn sure.

OK, it had been a struggle, but I'd managed to keep my eyes open. So, I'd been treated to the sweet sight of Dave furiously blasting his fist up and down his lovely cock, while he sat there open mouthed and practically drooling. Gosh, did I forget to mentioned, Dave's cock is pretty damn big! Well, it's sure longer, way thicker too, then my boyfriend's is anyway. Another time we measured it, and it was almost eight inches. That's pretty big, right? Well, I was still on my knees between his legs; and was thinking, from the look in the guy's eyes anyway, that if I didn't slow him down pretty quick, I was going to be the target of an explosion of hot white cum. Still panting and gasping for breath, I shivered with delicious little body tingling rushes. But, they didn't stop me from reaching out, grabbing hold of Dave's hands, and putting the brakes on his frenzied pumping.

Not that I expected to get a coherent answer, I went ahead and asked "Did you like that brother dearest?" When all I got was an enthusiastic nod of his head, I teased "What, cat got your tongue? Do you want to see some more?"

Hey! That time, at least he managed a "Yes, oh Hell yes!" Oh, and I figured I knew another fun little way to blow the poor guy's mind. But first, I decided I'd better do something to keep him from getting himself off, before I was ready that is.

So, I moved his hands to his thighs, and ordered "Don't move them Dave. I'll play for you; only, you can't cum until I say you can!" Well, I'd spotted a gleaming glob of precum smeared over the head of Dave's cock. And, I didn't bother waiting for him to say anything either; nope, using the same finger that had just finished working over my clit, I swiped up that glistening white bit of precum, and popped it in to my mouth. It wasn't exactly my first taste of some guy's cum, not exactly anyway. Hey, you don't jack-off a date, without ending up with the stuff smeared all over your fingers, or is that just me? Whatever, so it wasn't the first finger full of the sticky stuff I'd licked off a finger. But, from the look on Dave's face it was the first time he'd seen a live girl, not one in some dumb porn, perform that delicious little trick. For sure, I'd have bet it was the first time a girl did it using his cock and his cum. Yup, I felt like one very wicked little bitch!

Leaning back, and pushing my legs even wider apart, I reached both hands between my thighs. Just so Dave didn't miss anything important; I used one hand to make sure my pussy was nicely exposed. And then, I popped a finger in to my nearly molten vagina. Still playing nice, after I'd stirred that Finger around, I slipped it out and pushed it between Dave's lips. And, just to fuck with him a bit, I worked up a double finger full for myself. Gosh! The poor guy's eyes must have been getting awfully tired of bugging out. 

Managing a head shaking grin, Dave sat there, leaning back against the headboard of his bed. And, I scrambled around so I was lying on my back between his legs, with my feet braced against the wall on either side of his head. Hey, when I'm doing myself that's one of my favorite positions, it leaves me real open and feeling deliciously exposed; besides, I like being able to push off against the wall. Honestly, it really intensifies my orgasms! My bed's headboard has a mirror, but right then I had Dave's eyes instead, and I really, really liked that. I figured he could tell I was practically on fucking fire, and for sure he could see I was just, well dripping wet. Just in case he hadn't noticed though, I kept my fingers spreading my labia wide, and swirled two fingers around my very slippery opening. In they went, twisting as I thrust them in just as deep as I could. I really was on fire inside, and my fingers weren't doing anything likely to cool things down. Dave had grabbed a fistful of cock, but he wasn't doing anything with it, not yet anyway.

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  Daddy fuck your little girl
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When you get older, your outlook towards things changes. My daughter, Marilynn, introduced me to a side of life that I was completely unaware of. Now, less than a month later, I have more things to tell you about. Marilynn, Steve, and I have been living in what could only be described as a sexual paradise. At any time, if one of the three of us are in the mood for sex, either or both of the other two can be persuaded to help out. I have had more sex over the past month than I had through the entire 18 years that I was married to Angie. I am not saying that sex was lacking in my marriage, Angie and I had sex on the average of three times a week throughout that entire time. No, I wasn't lacking, but since my daughter and her friend, Steve, showed me the active lifestyle that I had been missing, we have sex on an average of three times a day!

Enter Marilynn's friend, Danni. Danni is a very cute, brown haired, green eyed, small breasted young lady that has been a friend of Marilynn since they were in the fifth grade. Monday afternoon, while Steve and Marilynn were at classes at the local collage, there was a knock at the front door. I answered it and it was Danni. I told her that Marilynn wasn't home, and I would let my daughter know that she stopped by.

"That's o.k., Mr. Swanson, I can wait for her to get home if that is o.k. with you?" She smiled very wide and I couldn't help but remember her as the little girl with braces on her teeth that she used to be. "I have wanted to get a chance to get to know you better anyway!"

"Sure, you are more than welcome to stay. Come on in!" I said as I swung my arm wide to motion her in. "Can I get you something to drink?"

"Not yet." Danni replied with a sexy smile that had me wondering what she was thinking. "Maybe after we have had time to visit a while."

We sat in the living room and started talking about all kinds of stuff, from the weather to how her family was doing to how well she was doing at her job. We chatted for about a half hour before she caught me off guard by asking me if I thought that she was pretty. I told her that yes, I thought that she was a very pretty young girl. She stood up and slowly turned around in place and asked if she had a nice body. I again confirmed that she did.

She sat down and leaned closer to me as if she wanted to tell me a secret. I leaned towards her and waited. After a moment, she asked me if I could hear people talking in Marilynn's room from my bedroom. I told her that I didn't think that I could. She laughed and said that was probably a very good thing, considering some of the things that had happened in Marilynn's room when she had spent the night in my house. I asked her what she meant, and she smiled that sexy smile again and said that she would tell me, but only if I could handle it!

I assured her that I wouldn't tell anyone. Danni laughed again, and told me that she didn't say I couldn't tell anyone, but that I had to be able to handle it! I looked at her questioning and said that I was sure that I could handle it. She stood up and removed her t-shirt and denim shorts and sat across from me in her metallic gold bikini. I decided that, although not as well endowed as Marilynn, Danni had very nice sized breasts and her hips flared a little wider than Marilynn's, but she still was blessed with a very sexy young form.

Then Danni began telling me things about when she would spend the night. She told me about how they would talk about boys, and sex. I told her that I kind of figured that. Danni smiled at me and related to me that they would talk about me, and how they both wanted to try sexual things with me! Then how, eventually, they would get worked up and end up making out with each other and using there fingers and tongues on each other. Danni was going into much more detail and I was getting very excited. I could feel my cock growing and straining against my shorts. I interupted Danni and asked her if she wanted that drink now!

Danni surprised me by reaching over to rub my cock through the denim fabric of my shorts and smiling at me! Then she dropped in front of me and started unbuttoning and unzipping my shorts. I protested and tried to stop her, telling her that I was old enough to be her father. She laughed out loud and said that she knew that, and that is exactly what she wanted. Danni reached back and removed her bikini top and went back to pulling my cock out of its hiding place.

"Daddy, can I kiss it?" She asked as she began stroking my hardness. "I need someone to show me how to do it right! All the boys that I date can't show me, so will you?"

I had lost all chance of telling this lovely young woman to stop. Instead, I lifted my hips and pushed my shorts down and put my hand on the back of her head. Pushing lightly on her head I felt my cock slide between her soft lips. After a few moments, Danni was capable of taking almost all of my cock into her mouth and down her throat. She wasn't better than my daughter, but different. Soon she had me thrusting up into her warm mouth. I pushed up on her shoulders so that she would stop sucking me. She looked almost hurt that I had made her stop.

"It's o.k., baby, Daddy just wants to make you feel good too!" I pulled her to me and began sucking and kissing her nipples. Then I moved my mouth to hers and began kissing her deeply, running my tongue around hers. She wiggled a little as she slid her bottoms down and kicked them off. I looked at her pussy, she had very fine and sparse hair down there, and I couldn't wait to taste her. Pushing her back until she was laying on the floor, I kissed and licked my way down her young form until I reached her pubic hair. I then pushed her legs apart, and began licking from her cute puckered ass hole all the way up across her wet pussy and up to her hard button of her clit. I licked back and forth across her clit, until she was screaming under my oral assault.

Sliding back up her body, kissing her breasts, I entered her. I could feel her sex opening and taking my throbbing meat inside. I began kissing her as I slowly thrusted in and out of her. I could feel my balls tightening with the impending release of my cum, but I continued to go as slow as possible, trying to make this last. Throughout the entire time, between our kisses, Danni would say things like "oh Daddy" and "yes, Daddy fuck your little girl" and "Daddy, cum on my belly, so I can see how much you love me", with every time that she would call me Daddy, I would get even closer to cumming.

Then I was there, I couldn't hold back any more, I began thrusting very hard and fast and Danni stopped kissing me, stopped talking and just went rigid and started wailing! I could tell that she was cumming very hard because I could feel her juices start flowing even heavier. I couldn't hold out for very long after that and I pulled out as the first shot of my climax escaped me and hit her pussy, the next few shots made a trail up her body and across her flat tummy.

Then came the applause! First one, then two, and then more people clapping in applause at Danni and my performance. I opened my eyes, and saw that there were six people standing around in my living room watching us! Marilynn, Steve, Steve's cousin Kim, and three others that I didn't recognize, two women and one other guy were all clapping and Marilynn was smiling and beaming with pride!

Marilynn came over and kissed me deeply on the lips and then leaned down to kiss Danni, who was still breathing hard and covered in sweat. Within minutes, I had been introduced to Beth, Teri, and Mike, all friends of Marilynn from collage. After a short rest and a glass of wine, Marilynn decided that we should all have a great big orgy! But that, as they say, is another story!

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  Hot Mother In Law English sex stories
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Hiii guys, I am going to narrate a real incident in my life. This happened one year after my marriage. My name is Salim ali, working as a lab technician in a private hospital, aged 28 and I am living in kannur, kerala. I married a beautiful girl named asna. She is fair in complexion and with average boobs and nice white pussy. She has flat tummy and her buttocks are not so big but she is in good shape. Now coming to the story, this is about my hot mother in law who is very innocent and illiterate but really sexy in shape. I don’t know to explain the body sizes in detail but she has got a superb figure like actress Swetha Menon with huge boobs and big ass with soft n big thighs. Her name is aleema aged 44. As I said she is illiterate and had studied up to second standard only and does not know new technologies in this world and she don’t have any WhatsApp or facebook accounts.
My father-in-law is having business in Bangalore so he wont be at home always. He comes only when there is any important functions in the house or when he thinks he need to take a break from his shop. I have a sister-in-law and a brother-in-law. Sister-in-law is already married and brother-in-law is working in Dubai. Now, on to the story!
I did not have any bad intentions towards my mother-in-law as I respected her as my own mother and I had a good loving,caring ,sweet wife in my life. But all this changed suddenly.
On a Sunday I was free at home sitting in my room in the upstairs and browsing Facebook when I heard my wife calling my name from ground floor. I immediately went down and saw my mother-in-law had just slipped from the bathroom and lying down there itself. She was unable to getup and my wife was trying to pull her up. I also tried to pull her up by lending my hands but it did not work. So I just took her completely in my hands from the floor and took her to the bedroom. This was the moment that changed my life forever! While I was carrying her, my hand was on the side of her right boobs and it was pressing my hands as it was huge and trying to pop out. When I looked her face I saw her boobs jiggling in the walking from the top of her nighty. I saw the whitish flesh of her boobs and both boobs were like fighting each other.

That is when I realised that my cock has started to erect and since I had worn my underwear it was not clearly seen by my wife coming behind me. I entered the bedroom and made her lay in the bed. My wife sat beside her and asked about her pain and she was saying that she had pain in the buttocks as she hit her ass in the floor while falling. I was standing beside her and that was when I realised the hidden beauty of my mother-in-law. She was breathing pretty heavily and her boobs were going up and down due to it. The shape of her thighs were seen from the shape of her nighty. Her thighs was really big and fat and she had an awesome shape in the hips.
I stood there for some time and when my wife asked me to leave them I just returned to my room. I went into the bathroom and for the first time after my marriage, I masturbated. You know whom I was thinking about! I had a great ejaculation and I was really horny about my mother-in-law. It is not that my wife did not satisfy me. She was really good in the bed and we had great sex at least thrice in a week. She would suck my cock and lick my ass and do everything that I need and same was with me when it came to satisfy her. We would try different positions by looking at the Kamasutra and enjoyed sex in our life very much. But we did not have any child as we had agreed to make a baby only after two years.
As I was thinking about my mother-in-law while lying in my bed my wife came in and I asked her about umma(mother-in-law). She said she was fine and there was just some pain in the buttocks and nothing more. Some rest would give her relief. I said that’s good and she went to the bathroom. I was happy that umma had no problems due to the fall.
Now on I started to think about umma daily and watched her walking through the house each and every moment when I was in the house. I was enjoying her beauty and raping her with my eyes every time I looked at her. She did not know my intentions neither my wife and they were happy in the life. They were as usual and mingling with me as before but I was having other things in my mind about umma.

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  My aunt inhaled my dick
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This happened not long ago. I was twenty at the time and I just got home for summer break from college. One day my mother said that my aunt Sue wanted me to stop over at her place. I thought it was a little strange. I hadn't seen my aunt in a few years. Sue was my Mom's younger sister. I was guessing she was around thirty years old. I think she was considered the black sheep in the family. She had never been married and was a bit wild in her twenties.

I drove over one Saturday and rang the doorbell at Sue's house. When the door opened I was in for a shock. My aunt was wearing this tight shirt and very small shorts. Without staring too much, I could see camel toe was showing. Sue gave me a big hug and she welcomed me inside. I thought my aunt would explain why she needed to see me. She never did say why. Instead she offered me a beer and we sat down on the couch to talk.

Sue wanted to know all about my life. What was my major at school, did I have a girlfriend, anything about what I was doing, Sue needed to know. Sue told me very little about her personal life. She only told me where she worked and that there were no men in her life at the moment. I have to admit, I didn't hear much about what my aunt told me. I was giving her body a good looking over. My aunt had brown hair that fell to her shoulders.

Sue liked to show off her tits, that much I was certain of. She wasn't wearing a bra that day and her nipples were hard. I had to control my urges to reach over and fondle her breasts. I had finished my beer and I went over to the refrigerator to get another one. I opened the door and I felt Sue standing right behind me. She placed her arms around my waist and she squeezed me. I certainly wasn't expecting that. I felt her nipples pushing into my back.

"I've missed you so much Matt," she said.

I managed to turn and face Sue. She looked up at me and then placed her arms around my neck. Sue pulled my face down and we kissed each other. I hadn't been with a female in some months. I sure wasn't expecting my aunt to come onto to me. I didn't fight it. I placed my hands on the outside of her shirt and I squeezed her melons. That seemed to get Sue all worked up. My aunt reached down to the front of my pants and she rubbed my crotch. 

It didn't take much for my dick to start growing. 

Sue did break away from me. She led me back to her bedroom. I stood and watch my aunt strip out of what little clothes she had on. Damn, Sue had this incredibly tight body. Her pubic hair was trimmed down to a small patch above her slit. Those tits looked perky. There was no bounce to them. I followed suit and undressed. My dick came free and Sue reached over from the edge of the bed. She took me in her one hand and brought me to her lips. 

My aunt inhaled my dick. This wasn't any half measure. Sue took me right down to the root and she bobbed up and down my prick. There was no doubt about it, Sue craved my cock. A few minutes of that and then Sue broke free. She looked up at my face. Her expression was like she was waiting for me to take her and use her pussy. I pulled my aunt to the edge of the bed. I lifted her legs up by her ankles. I flexed my knees and I fitted my head to her opening.

In one smooth move, I sunk my prick all the way inside my aunt's sopping hole.

"Oh Fuck Matt!" Sue cried out to me.

I buried my cock inside my aunt and then held it there. I was feeling my aunt's muscles gripping and then releasing my shaft. Sue was panting hard as she squeezed my fat cock. After a few seconds of that I began to give my aunt the cock she craved. I pushed her legs forward and then fed her every inch of my bone. I had never heard a woman howl like Sue did that day. She begged me to fuck her like some cheap slut.

I drove my cock in and held it there. Sue's greedy pussy was milking my rod. I didn't hold it there for long. I starting to pound my aunt's pussy. I gave her long, hard strokes. Sue's pussy was soaking wet. It would make these squishing sounds every time I entered her vagina.

"Right there Matt! You found the spot."

My mushroom must have been hitting a spot on her pussy walls. Sue's body was shaking from the pounding she was taking. We went a fairly long time there in bed. We were both sweating from our intense fuck.

"Please Matt, I need to feel you cum in me!"

I sure hoped my aunt was on some sort of birth control. I was taking Sue with my bare cock. I did as she asked. We went at it a few minutes more and then I couldn't hold out any longer. I sent a gusher of my cream deep into my aunt's body. We were both panting and grunting as Sue squeezed my dick and got all my seed from my dick. Whenever she would grip my cock I would shoot a hot rope of cum into her pussy. My aunt caught me on a good day. I was full of baby juice.

I let go of my aunt's legs and I slowly pulled my spent cock out of her hole. I no sooner removed my prick when all my white cum came dripping from my aunt's gash. I looked down to see my love offering come pouring out. Sue was breathing hard, trying to pull herself together.

"Damn, I haven't felt anything like that in a long time," she told me.

I joined Sue on the bed and I cupped each of her tits with my hand. I think Sue had a few more small orgasms. Once she got calmed down she got up and went to clean herself. She came back a few minutes later.

"I pushed out a lot of cum from my pussy," she told me.

I did have to ask. Was she on birth control.

"You don't have to worry, I'm protected."

I let out a sigh of relief. How could she ever explain becoming pregnant? Sue leaned over and kissed me on the mouth. She reached down and squeezed my dick. I could swear that Sue was trying to get me erect one more time. Well, it worked. Sue stroked my dick up and down and somehow I managed to get hard again. Maybe it was because it was my aunt trying to excite me. Once I was erect again, Sue straddled my cock. She slowly lowered herself onto my pole and I filled her with cock once more.

I was able to massage my aunt's firm tits with my hands. Sue was bobbing up and down on my dick. She was doing all the work this time around. I soon found out that Sue was so pent up from not having sex. Once we began fucking, she couldn't get enough of me. I eventually moved my hands down to Sue's ass. I was squeezing her firm bottom as Sue took all the cock that she needed from me. Don't ask me how but I did give my aunt more of my hot seed that second time around.

Once Sue brought us both to a boil, I blew more cum into her belly. Sue let out these screams as I shot some sticky loads into her body. Once more we got ourselves calmed down. Sue told me she had planned on us having sex that day. My mom had been telling my aunt all about me over the past months. Just hearing the description of what I looked like was making her wet with desire. Once I arrived home she had to see me as soon as possible.

That summer break flew by. I was over at Sue's place as often as I could be. I wish I had counted the number of times I came inside my aunt's pussy. The break wound down and I fucked my aunt one last time. I had Sue get on all fours and I pulled her ass up. I entered my aunt from behind and fucked her pussy deeply. Sue pleaded for my cum and I gave her a large dose. Once she milked me dry Sue began to cry.

"What am I going to do without you Matt?"

I told Sue I would be back for the holidays. I would see her then. That wasn't good enough for her. She did take a few photos of my erect cock with her phone camera. She managed to get a couple with our love juices coating my dick. Sue did tell me that she was in love with me. She wanted me back soon. I couldn't make myself say that I loved my aunt in return. The sex was fantastic. I just couldn't see how we could form a relationship long term.

I guess I will have time to think about that once I get back to school. At least I have my aunt's pussy waiting for me when I get home the next time.

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  Suck your mom’s pussy - First night with my lust mom
Posted by: energr.ru - 12-20-2018, 01:37 AM - Forum: Mom Son energr.ru Stories - Replies (1)

Nothing had been going right since dad’s death two years ago. The huge volume of wealth and acres of land my father had earned was stuck in a legal hell hole because my uncles and aunts wanted a share of their brother’s wealth. Although I had graduated with flying colours, I couldn’t find a suitable job that paid well, and neither were we well off for me to pursue my higher studies. Since his passing, mom and I were living on the meager income from my part-time job.
One day, when I returned from work, I saw my mother, Ritu, consulting with a Swamiji at our home. He was sitting on a bamboo mat, with a single lamp and incense lit by his side. Surrounding him were several sheets of papers, what looked like horoscopes. As soon as I entered the home, the saffron draped swami beckoned me by his side and looked at my palm. He read my palm intently for a while and asked my mother for my horoscope. I didn’t bother about it and went to my room to freshen up.
Mom seemed restless that entire evening. She had burnt our dinner and the vessels kept slipping out of her hand while she was cleaning up. I wondered why she looked so sad and distant.
“Mom, what’s wrong?” I asked her, sitting her down on the sofa beside me. Mom just kept her head down and didn’t respond. I moved closer to mom and put my hand on her shoulders. “What happened, mom?” I asked her again.
Mom relayed everything that had happened that evening to me. The Swamiji was well known for identifying and resolving black magic and curses. After carefully looking over our situation and our house, he concluded that our family was under the influence of some complex black magic. It had the markings of our close relatives all over it. He had said that the only way to resolve this is if mom marries someone born into a very specific horoscope. After much searching, the only horoscope that matched was mine.
“Do you remember, when I was a young kid, I used to tell you I wanted to marry you?” I said, shaking her out of her haze. Mom’s rosy lips broke into a gentle smile. I pulled her close and hugged her. “Let’s do it, mom. Let’s get married.” I said.

Mom laughed heartily, remembering the days long gone. She ran her fingers through my hair and kissed me affectionately on my forehead. “You kids grow up so quickly.”
“But you don’t seem a day older than 25, mom,” I said and kissed her cheeks.
I held mom’s hand and bent down on one knee. “Mom,” I said, and she looked at me surprised. “Will you marry me?” I asked, kissing her hand. Mom had tears in her eyes when she nodded to a yes. I stood up and hugged her tight, crushing her gigantic boobs against my chest. My dick was hard and was ready to burst out of my pants. My hands left her shoulders and traveled down. I grabbed mom’s ass and pulled her closer to me, smashing my hard dick on her groin.
Mom pushed back suddenly and fixed her saree self-consciously. “Go to bed,” she said, and swiftly made her way to her own bedroom, locking the door behind her.

We met with the Swamiji the very next day, who fixed a date of marriage at the end of the week, at an old temple in the outskirts of the city. The rest of the week seemed to go ever so slowly. I couldn’t concentrate properly at work and almost got yelled at many times.
At home, however, I was much more relaxed. I started flirting and teasing mom. At first, mom was shocked at my behaviour, but soon gave in and every time I called her by her name or as my wife she would look away in shyness.

Mom was the first woman I had fantasized about since I reached puberty. After facing a moral dilemma in the earlier days, I soon gave into my cravings and jerked off to the thoughts of my own mother many times. The innumerable opportunities where I got a peek at her naked thighs, or cleavage or her huge boobs arrested by tight blouse would be the fuel of my fantasies that night. Over years of yearning for my mom finally seemed to bear fruit!
Our wedding day finally arrived. Mom and I packed our new clothes in a bag, and we left for the temple early in the morning. The Swamiji had arranged a simple ceremony for us. Both of us changed into new clothes and quickly finished the ceremony. Once I tied the mangalsutra to mom’s neck, she bent down and touched my feet. I felt a familiar stir in my pants and it took all my resolve to keep me from getting a massive boner.
Then the swami blessed us for a long life and a healthy child. Mom looked at him in shock. “Swamiji,” she said meekly, “are we supposed to…” she stopped mid-sentence, unable to find the right words. The Swamiji understood her predicament and simply smiled at her. “It is not entirely necessary for the newlyweds to consummate,” he paused allowing mom to breathe easy, “but it doesn’t hurt either.” I had full privileges to fuck my own mother.
Later, Swamiji instructed on a few daily rituals and taught us a couple of mantras we had to chant together before going to bed every night for the next two months. Only then would we see an improvement in our situation.
We were sitting on the sofa relaxing after a tiring bus ride. Mom was looking beautiful than ever that evening. She was resting her head against the back of the sofa and had her eyes closed. The saree draped over her chest was fluttering carelessly under the strong breeze from the fan above us.
Mom seemed to sense me scanning her body, and she opened her eyes. “What?” she said, nodding at me.
I smiled at her. “Why don’t you go take a bath, and I’ll get us some dinner,” I said and left.

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  Lust Mom energr.ru English Sex Stories
Posted by: energr.ru - 12-20-2018, 01:17 AM - Forum: Mom Son energr.ru Stories - Replies (1)

Hi energr.ru lovers! energr.ru is good to enjoy. I am saying this through my personal experience. Don’t miss this opportunity. Let me introduce myself. I am a 32 year old working person, staying in Bangalore and I am the great fan of ISS. I started reading stories since many years. Now let us come to the story which I had experience with my own mom. She is now 52 year old woman, a housewife. Her stats are 36-36-38. She is a traditional woman but good looking.
I got interest on her while my parents were having sex which I saw accidentally, when I got up for loo in night. This was around when I was 18 years. Since then I started seeing my mom as a woman. Like all of you, even I got guilt feelings towards my mom but later my curiosity won and I started seeing her as a hot woman. I made up my mind to see my mom nude. So I started peeking while she was taking bathe and started watching her boobs and ass while she doing her work. This went on for years and the feeling towards her got stronger. I started dreaming about her for intimate moments. So I decided to seduce her but I wasn’t aware of how to proceed. Then the ISS stories helped me.
Once I peeped into the bathroom and saw her nude while taking bath. She noticed it and scolded me like anything. One day afternoon, she was sleeping in the bedroom. She was wearing saree and her legs were folded. Since she was not wearing inners, I got a chance to see her hairy pussy. That made me really hot my sexual feelings about her got stronger. Since she was asleep, I pushed her saree down so that I can see her pussy properly. Then I tried to touch and caress her hairy pussy. She suddenly woke up and caught me and scolded again. Later I stopped such activities for few months.
Let me share some brief about my family. I am the second son and altogether we are five siblings including me.

We were living in 1 BHK small house. While I was doing all these activities, my father got ill and he got bed ridden. He cannot do any sex with my mom. He sleeps alone in the bedroom and we all sleeping in the hall next to each other. So I used to sleep next to my mom. Initially, I didn’t do anything. Later I started getting sexual feelings for her. I started observing her smooth lips, fair chicks, and body. While she was asleep, I gave her gentle kisses few times, touched her boobs. That used to make my dick hard and good feelings. Later I used to masturbate and enjoy the feelings thinking about my mom. One day she was sleeping next to me putting her hand on my stomach. Slowly I adjusted myself so that her hand goes on my cock and my cock got erected within no time. I slept like that with more happiness. In the morning she was normal and didn’t ask me about that. Later in the night I started rubbing my cock on her ass and cummed and slept like that. She didn’t ask me about that also. So I gained confidence and started exploring her more. This was happening for years but I couldn’t fuck her.
One night when she was sleeping deeply, I made my effort to open her blouse hooks and saw her boobs and nipples. Nipples were dark brown in colour. That made me more desperate to have her. Next few days I thought of touching her mouth with my cock and felt very happy and did it, but second time while doing so, she woke up and scolded me. With all these attempts and scolding, I came to know that she knows my intentions but she is not taking any initiative. While I am doing all these things for many years and she started missing her sex for more than 10 years.
I started reading energr.ru stories and seeing energr.ru porn. Finally, I decided that I need to try something different to have my mom. I also wanted to help her physically since she may be starving for sex due to the inability of my dad due to his sickness. One day she and I were at home in the afternoon. I went to her and said, mom, my dick is paining, can you please check? I took it out, it got hard and I started shaking it. She said, go to the bathroom and do it, not in front of me. But I masturbated in front of her only. She again scolded me and said I am your mom, don’t try this on me.
Next day I did the same in front of her. She said you are really shameless son. This time she didn’t scold me, maybe she gave up on me. Then I said, mom, please help me. I just need a female’s hand to touch my hard dick and shake it. I am not asking for anything else. She understood that I am not giving up and just asking her to touch my dick and nothing else, then next day when I went to her, she looked at me and laughed and said, do you need my help. I said, yes mom. Then she hinted me to go to the bathroom and she also came with me. I opened my pant zip and took out my dick. She took it in her hand and started shaking it. I started making some sexy sound.
She laughed and finally I cum. Then she cleaned her hands and went.
Later we got a chance to go to another city for my cousin’s wedding. I suggested mom that we will stay in some good hotel so that we get good sleep, instead of staying at wedding place which will be crowded. She agreed for that. Then we travelled together and checked in to the hotel room. We took bath there individually and got well dressed up and went to the wedding function. I noticed that she was looking gorgeous in new saree, mehendi on her hands and shampooed hair. After the wedding function, we came back to the hotel in the night. We had to stay there for another two days for remaining formalities and some work.

After returning to the hotel, I praised her beauty and said, mom, you are looking young and cute today. I hugged her gently; she also hugged me and said you also look handsome in this dress. Then I gave her kiss on her chicks. Then I changed my clothes in front of her. While doing that, I just became little naughty and showed her my penis also. She looked at it and laughed. I said, mom, can you change your dress here itself, I want to see you. She smiled and said, don’t be a naughty boy. She said you have seen me when you were a kid, now you are grown up, you should not think such things about your mom. I said, please mom, once only, I want to see your full nude. I have not seen any female or gal nude at this age also.
She said, it’s not good and it’s awkward for me. Then I said, mom, I know you are starving for sex for many years now since dad became sick. Maybe I can help you if you don’t mind. She got little angry on me and said, are you mad, I am your mom and not a gal friend. I said it’s possible with full secrecy if you just open up your mind. Rest is your call. Then she suddenly went into the bathroom and closed the door.


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  Mom Fucking energr.ru Sex Story - I ejaculated thick cum inside her pussy
Posted by: energr.ru - 12-20-2018, 01:12 AM - Forum: Mom Son energr.ru Stories - Replies (1)

Someone shook me and woke me up. I opened my smudgy eyes but everything was blurred. I rubbed my eyes with my hands and say mom sitting close to me. Before I could open my mouth to ask any question she pressed her finger on my mouth and shushed me.
I sat upright and looked around, everyone was deep asleep and it was dark outside the window. All I could see was mom’s face in the dim light of the night bulb. She stood up and signaled me to follow her quietly.

Carefully not to make any sound and wake someone up we both left the room and closed the door behind us. Mom was walking in front and was in charge today. She was wearing an uneasy expression on her face and was in quiet hurry. I still didn’t ask her any questions and followed her quietly. We entered another room and mom switched on the light and fans. She turned around and looked at me but said nothing.
I knew why we were here, I knew why she woke me up and brought me at this hour of the night but this was not how we did it. We always played it safe. We made sure nobody would suspect us. But this was very dangerous and there were high chances we would be caught.
“Mein so nahi paa rahi hun. Bohot nasha chadaha hua hai,” she finally spoke and I was right about what was happening.
“Par abhi! Koi uth gaya to?”

“Dekh ab aur bardasht nahi ho raha. Andar se mano jee katne ko daud raha hai. Ab aur mat intezaar ar wa. Jaldi se kar lenege,” she said desperately.
I could not resist since she was pleading and wanted it so desperately. She had never done something of this sort and it was exciting to see something like this come from her. I agreed on it. I asked her to bend instead of doing it lying on the floor.
Mom turned around and bent forward. She lifted her pink floral printed maxi above her waist and tied a knot so it won’t slide down. She placed her hands on the wall for support. I removed my pajamas and out bobbed my cock. She looked back to see and a smile lit on her face. I touched down to feel her cunt and it was already wet so I don’t have to waste any time on the foreplay.
My cock soon turned rock hard and gained its full size. We both were ready and excited for a quick fuck session. She was still looking back at me with that smile on her lips and hunger in her eyes. I placed the head of my erected 8 inches cock on her shaven wet pussy and caught her by her waist. With a push the head of my thick ling cock entered her soft warm cunt. She moaned softly “ummm” and closed her eyes. With another thrust half of my cock was inside her wet pussy and slowly I started fucking her.
Her eyes were still closed and her lips pressed so she won’t make any noise and wake someone up. My hands were caressing her soft ass and pressuring her big boobs. She wasn’t wearing any bra and her breasts were soft and her nipples hard. Slowly with every thrust my cock would go deeper inside her. Soon the whole of it was inside her and I was no more very gentle on her.
I caught her by her waist more firmly with one hand and other was pressing her boobs and slapping her ass. She was still looking behind at me and smiling. I could see pain of her face as I fucked her and slapped her; she tried hard not to make any noise but would occasionally moan with pleasure. I was fucking her warm pussy in good speed while she bent pursing her lips and feeling my thick long cock fuck her cunt. She was waiting for it for so long. Lying on her bed she was imagining my cock fuck her like this. She wanted me so hard inside her. “ummm aah umm” she moaned.
I reached my top speed and was fucking her like an animal, just like she wanted it. Mom was enjoying it. But I was afraid if we woke someone up. Though the door was closed and we were trying to be as quite as possible, the sound of slapping of skins and mother’s moans echoed in the room. “I have to make it quick. I have to make her cum soon. This can’t go on for long or someone will see us,” I thought.

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