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Anita wrapped her arms around my waist, and I could feel her levering herself up and down Murphy's cock. Yeah, so I was feeling just a teensy-weensy bit left out...yeah, yeah, just kidding! I mean, how could I pitch a pout, when my best girlfriend was licking my ear as she huskily whispered, "Oh God Ash, this is just, like too freaking hot!"

Anita was right of course. Big deal, I mean, if I wasn't exactly left out, I was, just then anyway, odd-girl out. And what the fuck, Anita had stopped making like a cock riding elevator. Yeah, the orgasm hunting little bitch was rotating her freaking hips, rocking back and forth as she ground her clit in to her Daddy's patch of curly pubes. And...she was still tonguing my ear, her breath coming faster and faster, while she chanted, "Oh shit, I'm gonna cum," over and over; which was, like duh, totally obvious!

Naturally, I wanted to scream, 'So do it already,' and I might have too! Yeah, but before I could, my climax-bound girlfriend screeched a deafening, "yeah, yeah, oh God, yeah, I'm cuming!"

Having announced it, Anita did it, climaxing enthusiastically, and of course loudly! Well, before she could do it again, I twisted around and did something I hadn't done since Anita's Daddy had caught us in the pool. Yup, I kissed my surprised girlfriend. Ooh, and besides enjoying a wickedly hot, tongue twining kiss, I managed to work in a quick grope of her Daddy's slippery, pussy drenched dick. Bummer, but most of it was out of reach, nestled snuggly inside his freaking Daughter's pussy!

Honest, it crossed my mind; but then, shoving Anita out of the way wasn't really an option! And besides, I like kissing her; and after all, there were such tantalizing options. So, settling for one of them, taking advantage of my position, I turned back around, snickering as I latched on to her Mother's prominently erect nipples. Hey, and then when I gave them both a wicked little twist, and she opened her mouth to gasp, I kissed her. Uh-huh, and midway through that sizzling kiss, whoops-a-daisy, suddenly I had a trio of Judi's prettily manicured fingers churning away inside me. Now that was like seriously hot; because, even orgasm-bound, she was swapping tongue and fucking me with that trio of probing fingers. Oh my God, and it didn't even slow her down! But, she did grab my shoulder, bracing herself as she did what I had already done; which was of course, come all over Murphy's face. And gosh, I did my best to help; I mean, when the time was right, I gave the nipples I'd been savagely pinching an equally savage twist. Yup, and then I released those blood starved puppies. I mean, it's enough to make a poor girl scream; they tingle, prickle, and feel like they are going to like, just freaking explode! Yup, but that nasty little trick doesn't just work for me, it works on me too! Uh-huh, and guess who it was taught me that fun little trick?

Poor Anita, I figured she heard her Mother cum; I mean, oh God, she couldn't possibly have missed it! Yup, but with me blocking her view, I didn't think she could have seen the way her Daddy's darting tongue had swirled around her Mother's obviously aroused, and noticeably erect clit. I'd seen it all of course, but only because our kiss hadn't lasted quite as long as her orgasm had. Too bad; but then, my cock humping girlfriend couldn't see what her Mother's fingers were doing to me either. Fuck that, lickety-split like, Judi started in to a second orgasm. And that time we almost came together; ooh, but only almost! Seriously, she was cuming hard, screaming in to my mouth, her experienced G-spot teasing fingers almost, but not quite managing to send me orgasmic. Well yeah, I made a mental note, and oh God the damn things were beginning to pile up. But ooh, with a little practice...ooh, the possibilities!

Utterly ignoring, and OK, probably unaware of my missed opportunity, Anita's shrieked, "Wow, you go Mom, like wow, wow, total wow!"

Judi looked up and chuckled; which I figured, considering the way she was breathing was sort of a minor miracle. No biggie; I mean hey, she was still chuckling when she jabbed a finger at Anita, barely panting as she ordered, "Trade places with me darling!"

The worst part of Judi's order, I mean of course besides the fact that it seemed to necessitate her pulling her fingers out of moi, was that I seemed destined to remain stranded on Murphy's chest. And besides that, yeah, I was like freaking jealous! Damn straight, oh sure, I've had three different women ride my face, feeding me pussy as they came. Big deal, I mean hey, Murphy was about to go for his third of the freaking afternoon! Oh my God, and it looked as if that third was going to be his freaking Daughter no less! Yeah, and not to be petty, but yeah, I was in serious danger of turning green! No shit, I almost pitched a pout! But, instead I levered myself up and off Murphy's heaving chest and squirmed out from between that wickedly erotic ménage au trois, pausing for just a minute to stare, to shake my head, and oh yeah, to wish like hell that I had a freaking camera!

Anita levered herself up and scooted back. Uh-huh, and then when she shot me a smirky grin, I knew right away that she had something nasty in mind. I was right too. The little showoff checked, saw her Mother was watching, swooped in and slurped up her Dad's cock. Big deal; I mean, who can't deep throat a soda can sized dick? Yeah, well apparently her Mother wasn't all that impressed either. Anyway, Judi abandoned Murphy's face, still on her knees as she grabbed a handful of her Daughter's hair, yanked her head up, sighed, and then ordered, "Lovely darling, now get out of my way!"

Hey, she was faking it, but a pouty-lipped Anita crawled around and swung a leg over, and landed her pussy on her Daddy's waiting face. Then, no shit, the smirking bitch actually stuck her tongue out at me. I mean hey, she could just have ignored me, which was what her Mother did. But then, if I'd been heading for a ride on a jutting hunk of hard cock I wouldn't have stopped to shoot the shit either.

What the Hell, I flipped Anita off. But, my heart wasn't in it; because, I was sort of like preoccupied. Seriously, I was much more interested in watching her Mother mount Murphy. Oh God and Judi took her sweet time, slowly rotating her hips as she even more slowly slid down a cock already glistening, slick with her daughter's saliva. And yeah, that was like totally freaking hot! Well Ok, but I just couldn't kneel there gawking; I mean, spectating is for sissies!

Looking around, I spotted that vibrating finger ring. I hesitated, wondering if its freaking batteries still worked; I mean hey, we'd already given that bad puppy quite the workout. Well, maybe a little uncertain, I scooted backwards off the bed. And yeah, my freaking knees didn't want to support me; but hey, it's not as if I actually hit the freaking floor or anything! But, I did grab that vibrating finger ring. And yippee, it still worked, but still I hesitated. I mean gosh, what was a girl to do? Let's see, I could either put it to work on little old moi; or on the other hand, I could put it to work on my girlfriend's cock riding Mother. Hey, I debated the question; decided, fuck it, and flung it aside. For me it was another case of 'Ho-hum, been there, done that!' Well OK, it was more like, had that done too me...big deal! Whatever, Judi, like wow, she didn't need any extra stimulation. Yeah, and I guess I'd just have to say, wow, like she just went for it! Anyway, when she wasn't making like a yahooing cowgirl sitting a wild bronco, she was fluidly rocking and rolling, yeah and cuming with rapid-fire regularity.

It took her Daughter a little longer to get warmed-up! But pretty quick like she went from panting to cuming. But, she did it with her eyes scrunched shut. Weird, well yeah; because, what kind of idiot wouldn't want to watch their mother cum all over her Daddy's dick? Not me; but then, I had worn that freaking blindfold...still!

It's not as if I was actually bored; but, I was like just so done with standing there making like a freaking voyeur! So, while Judi caught her breath, and her face riding Daughter came chanting oohs, I reached for Anita's discarded dildo and harness. Ooh, and while Judi looked on, I made a minor production out of slipping twelve inches of dildo in to the harness, buckling it around my waist and connecting the straps running between my thighs. Then, after making damn sure I still had Judi's attention, I poured a little lube in to my palm, grinning as I began to, well gosh, jack-off!

I checked, almost miffed, because Anita's eyes were open, but she wasn't paying any attention to my show-boating shenanigans. But then, her Daddy's tongue was rocketing her around an orgasmic roller coaster. Hey, the loud mouth was screaming like a scaredy-cat five year old riding her first roller coaster. Yeah, and with the way she was bouncing around she should have been strapped-in. I mean, oh my God, I was worried about poor Murphy's face, well, his nose for sure! And then, well apparently Judi had caught her breath; because, with a whooped "Again," she was off, a hard riding cowgirl hot on the trail of an outlaw orgasm. Hey, and she rode that hombre down; ooh, but only after a long hard ride!

It was sort of erotic, well kind of, but gosh, playing with my rubber dick wasn't going to get me anywhere. So, while the Jonson girls amused themselves, I considered my options. And oh my, what sweet fantasies!

Just asking, but who wouldn't get a kick out of fantasizing a scene where a face down Anita's engorged clit was clamped firmly between her Daddy's hard sucking lips, while I whooped, cracking swats off her ass as I drilled twelve inches of rubber dick in and out of it? Well hey, it beats me, certainly no one I know! But gosh, I couldn't exactly fuck the bitch's ass while she was more or less sitting on Murphy's face. Bummer, but after oohing over that imagined fantasy, the thought of a more conventional fuck was, well, sounding sort of tame. But then, It occurred to me that there was another Johnson, one whose ass I hadn't previously violated. Uh-huh, and about a heartbeat later, I realized that, no, actually there were two Jonson's who fell in to that category!

My pitter-pattering heart began thumping in my chest; and yeah, I was imagining Murphy bent over, grabbing his ankles as I introduced my strap-on to, well, his hairy, but still pretty cute ass. Yeah, yeah, I made another mental note, pretty sure I'd never get the chance to play out that particularly wild, and of course utterly wicked fantasy. On the other hand, I could definitely see myself teaming up with Murphy, his wife screaming for more as we treated her to a full-on double penetration. Oh Hell yes, and it was doable, definitely doable!

The situation called for bold action; because, well, what I'd been imagining wouldn't have fit in to anybody's definition of vanilla sex. Actually, I had been more or less picturing myself playing it all macho like, and maybe even coming on a little bit dangerous. I mean hey, I was packing a twelve inch cock after all; yeah, and not just in my fantasy either! So, going with evil, wicked, mean and nasty, I crawled up behind Anita. But, I only paused there long enough to whisper in my clearly orgasm bound girlfriend's ear. Uh-huh, and with my strap-on jutting upward, pressed hard in to the crack of her ass, I told her " I could fuck you! Actually, I could take your ass; but, I'm not going to!" Then, and still whispering, I asked, "Do you want to know why?" And of course I wasn't expecting an answer; but then, I hadn't expected to find myself suddenly center stage. And just maybe my whispered teases had been overheard; because, well, everyone had frozen inn place. So, I grabbed a fistful of Anita's hair, yanked her head back, and then I quietly whispered, "You're gonna want to keep your eyes open; because, I'm gonna fuck your Mama's ass instead!"

A girl can do a lot of reminiscing in the time it takes her to crawl the length of a king size bed. And in the time between cracking a hard swat off my girlfriend's ass and before I cracked an even harder one off her Mothers, I recalled a certain ten-inch glossy black dildo. Hey, and it had balls, but then so did its owner. Yeah, well Judi had introduced me to that ten-incher, ooh, and that dildo knew how to make friends. And of course she had made sure I became thoroughly acquainted with each and every wickedly thick inch of her ten incher. And the only time she let me strap it on, well, all I got to do was lay there on my back, while she energetically bounced up and down the damn thing. OK, so she came a bunch; but, was she grateful? Well, when I tried ordering her to blow me, she came up with an alternative plan. Uh-huh, and that plan included me getting lots of practice, not that I didn't enjoy going down on her pussy flavored ten-inch licorice stick...lucky me, huh? Well yeah; and maybe I shouldn't have growled a snotty "Piece of cake!" But then, it probably didn't change the outcome any!

It's just a guess; but back then, I figured the ninth, spit slickened inch of Judi's strap-on was ripping through my nearly virginal anus when she echoed, "Piece of cake!" Then, and as a reward for my "impudence," she made me finger my clit. Imagine my horror; because, while she continued to rhythmically pump ten fat inches of cock in and out of my ass, I was forced to make myself cum, not once, not twice, but three times! Yeah, and maybe I shouldn't have muttered, "piece of cake," after that third one. Well anyway, that time, while Judi echoed my smartass comment, there was a slowly pistoning, well-lubed fist corkscrewing in and out of my ass. Naturally, I was curious; but I didn't ask! No way, I mean, there had been a whole lot of forearm between that fist and Judi's freaking elbow!

It was my turn; so, I parked me and my swinging dick between Murphy's legs. Well naturally, that left me right where I wanted to be, on my knees between Judi's legs. Yeah, and I was determined to introduce her ass to a couple more thick inches of rubber dick than she had treated mine to. I mean, I wasn't going to ask for permission; so, for Judi anyway, no wasn't an option!

Thinking 'No guts, no glory,' I eased my hips back, watching the big black head of my rubber penis slide down the crack of Judi's ass. Then, when that wetly glistening head bumped against the rigid cock poking up in to her vagina, letting my wired strap-on brush against it, I slid it between Judi's thighs. Yeah, and resisting the temptation to whoop a "Woowoo," I peered over her shoulder, and down past a pair of perfectly sculpted sun-tanned tits to where about half my gleaming black strap-on lay against Murphy's tan belly. But then, there were other, even more delightfully wicked temptations. So, with only a tease in mind, but ready to react to even the slightest of positive responses, I eased back, pushing the big head of my strap-on up under Murphy's balls. And then, well, I sort of took a couple of playful jabs in the direction of, what for some silly reason I just naturally assumed was the guy's off-limits anus. Oh God yes, I wanted to; unfortunately, that day anyway, I just didn't have the balls. But gosh, maybe if my strap-on had had a set, well, who knows? And really, I could have done without Judi's, only slightly sarcastic sounding, "Don't sweat it darling; really, I wouldn't have the balls either!"

Well fuck, how had she known? Yeah, so while I pondered that, I probed with a pair of marginally more aggressive thrusts. But, and I suppose it was because Murphy was busy eating his daughter's pussy; whatever, I didn't even get a rise out of him! Well, luckily for him neither he, nor the Daughter enthusiastically riding his face had heard Judi's catty remark. Hey, I mean, with my honor at stake, I just might have had to go for it. Instead all I did was make another frustrated mental note; determined that before the summer wound down, some guy's sweet virginal ass was going to be mine, all mine! Yeah, so feeling, well, sort of cheated, trying for dangerous, I grabbed Judi's ponytail, snarling menacingly as I told her, "It was always going to be your ass, you know that don't you!" It was a statement; but then, so was the hard yank I gave her hair, and so was my barked, "Yo bitch, pass me the lube!"

Judi had to lean forward and stretch, which was nice because it left her ass nicely exposed. So naturally, I cracked a wicked pair of swats off it. Well, apparently I needed more practice. Just saying, but the part of aggressive Boss Bitch played better with Judi's Daughter. I mean, like seriously; because, when Judi pushed that bottle of lube in to my hand, she was looking back over her shoulder, smirking as she hit me with, "Dare you darling!"

Daring me works, well it usually does! Dave says I'd probably go down on the freaking Eiffel Tower if someone dared me to. Hey, maybe if it got me a trip to Paris...woowoo! Anyway I fired back with, "Yeah," really!" And hey, at least it came out dripping with sarcasm. And seeing as how it was time to 'Put up or shut up,' I shoved Judi forward. Then, as I held her down with one hand, I stared down at my target, and below it at the sight of Murphy's fat cock pushing up in to her vagina. I wanted to whoop 'Woowoo' or something, but managed to restrict myself to a growly purr. But hey, I was snickering nastily as I flipped open the bottle of lube. Staying in character, and seeing as how I'd had my fingers playing in Judi's ass before, I decided to skip the preliminaries; which meant, I skipped the spanking!. So instead, I ran a lubricant dripping fist up and down my massive cock. But, while I did that, did Judi wait patiently? Well, no; not freaking hardly!

First off, I just have to admit that in her place, well yeah, I would have done pretty much what Judi did. So Ok, if I'd thought of it, I'd probably have done something stupid, like waste my freaking breath ordering her not to! Ooh, but who cares; because what she did was just so deliciously naughty!

Judi's kind of tall, taller than Murphy by a couple of inches actually. So, after I had pushed her forward, she was left within reach of the pussy Anita was slip-sliding over Murphy's face. What can I say, yeah, I was all lubed up and ready to go; so what, I still stopped to watch! Oh my God and when her giggling daughter lifted herself, and leaned back, back like she was practicing for that old limbo thing, Judi reached in and used her fingers to expose a clit still wickedly engorged. Well, my view sucked; but hey, I let Judi get in a few licks, maybe even half a tease's worth. But actually, I was waiting for, oh Hell, I don't know, like some sort of freaking signal. And if I hadn't waited, well shit, I wouldn't have been forced to listen as Anita croaked out an annoyingly provocative, "Oh wow, fucking wow, that's like totally awesome Mom, ooh, like more! Yeah, why not; because, it sure looks like my scaredy-cat girlfriend has changed her mind!"

No way could I let Anita get away with that, especially not after her snickering Mother added a succinct, "I already tried daring her!"

Judi's ponytail wasn't just cute, it was ever so handy. So, I used it to yank her head up. Then, I icily snarled, "Go for it; and just maybe, I won't stop until a certain smartass bitch stops screaming for more!"

Letting go of Judi's hair, I shoved her head down; and then, I reached for her ass. And, after whooping, "Ok then, let's get it done," I pushed Judi's ass cheeks up and apart. Well, it crossed my mind that poor Anita didn't have quite the view I did; but by then, I was jamming the shiny wet head of my rubber dick in to position. And, when a sharp jabbing thrust opened Judi up, a second harder one left me staring as twelve inches of rubber dick disappeared in to her ass. Well OK, so it came out as a gasp; but, Judi's sharp exhalation was still a clearly audible "Yes!"
Naturally, assuming I had done good, I whooped "Woowoo," and began banging the entire length of my strap-on in and out of Judi's ass. And no; just then, I wasn't even aware of Murphy, or of his neighboring dick. But hey, later as I rotated my hips, twisting in thrusts just as freaking hard and fast as I could, I thought of him, hoping he was enjoying the feel of my rampaging rubber penis. Well gosh, I knew Judi approved of my efforts; after all, she did manage to enthusiastically gasped, "Like that baby, oh God yes!"

Seriously going for it, I watched the big glistening head of my dick repeatedly disappear as I continued to pop penetrating, rapid fire thrusts in to her. And, with twelve inches of fat rubber dick tunneling in and out of her anus, Judi somehow managed to string together enough guttural yes's for me to wonder if she was going to actually climax. Silly me, I mean gosh, what could I have been thinking?

Judi came alright, and loudly too! And then, surprising even me, she did it again! I couldn't have done it; but somehow, Judi did! Whatever, I'm not too proud to admit that I need practice, lots and lots of practice!

Anyway, while I fucked her Mother, and her Mother came all over her Daddy's cock, Anita was cuming all over her Daddy's face. That was hot, yeah, really hot! But, I was beginning to wonder about Murphy; I mean, what was he waiting for?

Sure, Murphy had been busy; I mean hey, his Daughter had been using his face like a freaking Slip 'N Slide! But, that hadn't kept him from powering the occasional flurry of hip thrusts up in to his Wife. Mostly though, I was the one doing the fucking; doing my duty, even if I was the only one in the freaking room not likely to go orgasmic! Yeah, well I slammed on the brakes when Murphy launched Anita off his face. Looking confused and probably unsure whether to pitch a bitch or pout, she wound up sitting against the bed's brass headboard. As for me, well I might just have left skid marks, I pulled out of her Mother's ass that fast! And still feeling deliciously macha like, after hurriedly giving her ass a nasty pair of swats, I grabbed her ponytail and yanked her roughly upright. Then, moving fast Murphy latched on to her hips, so I quickly gave her pony tail another hard yank, and trying to sound just as menacing as I could, I told her, "More later bitch...oh yeah, you owe me!"

Hot damn, I had meant it; I mean hey, I was only getting warmed-up! Anyway, I bounced off the bed, figuring I should trot off for a quick clean-up. But I just had to stop and gawk. Murphy was working his hips, and his jolting upward thrusts were bouncing Judi right up and off his cock. No worries his hands were glued to her hips, and they brought her crashing back to meet his next stabbing thrust. Well yeah, I was freaking jealous! So, of course I made a quick mental note to, like wow, find a guy with ripped abs like Murphy's, and ooh, maybe even one with a freaking six-pack!

Not surprisingly, well at least I wasn't surprised when Anita squawked a startled, "Oh shit!" Uh-huh, her Mother was going off, back arching, her head thrown back as she howled like a pack of freaking wild wolves. And then, Murphy was holding her locked in place, while he worked slow twisting jabs in and out of her. And honestly, I mean no shit, it wasn't so much as if Judi caught up with another orgasm, as it was just that she never quite finished one. But, she wasn't howling; nope, she was shaking, eyes scrunched shut as she whimpered, "More, oh god yes, like that Daddy, fuck me Daddy, oh God yes, fuck me!" And yeah, I checked, and Anita was still parked up by the headboard; so yeah, that "Daddy" stuff had come from her clearly orgasm addled Mother. Like wow, I'd never imagined; I mean, who knew? Yeah, well whatever, I figured it was a good time for that bathroom run. So, to quote my Brother, "I made like a banana and split!" God, he can be such a dork, good thing he has a big dick huh!

I ran, yeah ran back in to the bedroom. And, I was carrying Anita's dildo harness, and a cleaned twelve inches of gleaming black rubber dick, which was a very good thing. So Ok, I shouldn't have been, but despite everything that had already gone down that day, I was surprised anyway. I mean, Anita was standing by the side of the bed, bent over with her Mother's legs draped over her shoulders. Oh my God, and her wrists were cuffed behind her back.

Murphy, who I immediately figured for the scenes mastermind was sitting on the edge of the bed. And yeah, he was staring; ooh, and then so was I! Like wow, Anita wasn't just going down on her Mother, she was doing a pussy that was feeding her probing tongue loads of her Daddy's recently deposited cum. So naturally, I was peering over my girlfriend's shoulder and didn't even notice it when Murphy got up. But yeah, suddenly he was just right there behind me,; uh-huh, and reaching around to take the harness and dildo from my hands. Hell, I didn't even bother to look around; Hell no, because Anita's Mother had just spread herself open, exposing a clit that jutted like a miniature erection.

OK, so yeah, it wasn't the first time I'd seen Judi's occasionally over-inflated clit all popped-out and looking just so incredibly suckable. But damn, Anita was still slurping cum out of her vagina, which left Judi flicking a finger against her trigger-sized, hyper-sensitized, and outrageously exposed clit. Yeah, so of course I wasn't paying any attention to Murphy,, at least not until he buckled Anita's harness around my waist. And suddenly, woowoo, I was back to packing twelve wickedly thick inches of rubber dick. Uh-huh, and what I was packing, I wanted to share!

I tore my eyes off the stunning sight of Anita's cum coated, clit licking tongue long enough to look down. Her Father was slamming a lube loaded fist up and down my rigid strap-on's length. And wow, yeah, that was hot; but then, so was hearing her Mother's squeaky, "Suck it darling, come on, let's see if you can make your Mama cum!"

Hearing Judi's challenge was, like totally wicked, just not quite as totally over the top wicked as, well yeah, actually watching her Daughter do it! And, with the way Judi held herself open gawking was a cinch. Sure, but then Murphy whispered, "I believe you promised; so, well, maybe you should, like deliver!"

Murphy was right, I had promised! Still, if I wasn't mistaken, my girlfriend's Father had just, well, more or less dared me to take her ass. And well, didn't that just, well like throw gasoline on my already flaming libido! Like, whoosh!

Seeing as how Anita's face was buried in her Mother's pussy, and that her Mother's thighs were acting more or less like a pair of sleek, tan, and silkily smooth earmuffs I didn't think my oblivious girlfriend even knew I was standing between her wide spread legs. So, with her bent over, her ass a perfectly exposed target, her penis packing girlfriend was ready to deliver as promised. Just saying, but once or twice I've been on the receiving end. I mean, I've taken it bent over, well, just oodles of things; you know, like a bed, a chair, a desk, a countertop, a pool table, the front seat of some Bozo's car, and even once over the hood of that freaking car. Gosh, and then there were the times I just grabbed my ankles. Yeah, but this was going to be another first, well, sort of! Oh sure, it wasn't going to be my first time fucking a certain teenage hottie bent over and grabbing her ankles. It was just going to be the first time I did it in front of an audience; I mean, if we're not counting mirrors. So OK, I was up for it, I mean hey, the situation was definitely freaking hot, and would have been even if Murphy hadn't been standing behind me, giving me a reach around as he egged me on with a challenging, "Think you can handle it Ashley; because, Anita obviously takes after her, she'll be wanting it delivered hard!"

Of course I was on to him, so I turned my head and kissed the teasing son of a bitch. Well shit, I mean who knew, but besides being an incorrigible instigator, Murphy was one seriously wicked kisser. So what happened wasn't my fault! Yeah whatever, but by the time I had turned back around and was staring down at his Daughter's ass, Murphy's kisses and his taunting teases, had more or less left me fighting the urge to let go, and well, just fucking rape his Daughter's ass! Yeah, as if it's rape, when the rapee is screaming for more, which of course is just what I figured Anita would be doing. Yeah, so if I wanted to actually indulge that fantasy, I'd have to pretend to be, like freaking deaf! And I could do that; after all, it's not as if I wasn't used to tuning Anita out.

There was this one time, when my Dad took my ass, and in front of Mom no less, and I'm talking took it as if he thought he was competing in the freaking Anal Fuck Olympics or something. Well gosh, rape hadn't so much as cross my mind; but oh my God, Dad pounded out one seriously forceful fuck. Anyway I was bent over their big bed, Mom was laughing, and I was of course screaming my fool head off. Well, I considered, well briefly considered playing the tease and trading in my panted oohs and gasped aahs in on a 'Whoa there,' or maybe even 'oh God, please, no more!' Yeah, as if! And of course I didn't; oh Hell no, Dad might just have stopped! Still, that over the top fuck did inspire more than one rape fantasy; but, you know, like that was later!

So OK, and maybe it's stupid; but, could it be that I'd been, like over-fucked? I mean, was I overloaded and in serious need of unloading a bit? Hey, just saying! And gosh, Anita's hands were bound behind her back, and she was more or less trapped between her Mother's legs, and I was right there a rock hard twelve inches of wickedly thick rubber cock poised for action. And OK, inspired by my vivid fantasies, I felt the way I imagine guys must sometimes feel. I mean, what's the big deal anyway; after all, all I wanted was to unleash this unrestrainable frenzy of pent-up sexual need! So yeah, Anita's ass was in serious danger, about to be assaulted by a wild young hottie with nothing but thoughts of her own selfish, over the top sexual pleasure rattling around in her admittedly sex addled brain! But hey, Murphy was right there watching, so I decided to skipped the preliminaries, which pretty much meant the semi obligatory spanking, and as the saying goes, cut to the chase.

I grabbed Anita's hips shrieking "Fucking-A," as I lined-up, wound-up, and just absolutely slammed twelve full inches of wired rubber dick in to my girlfriend's ass. Gosh, her head didn't even pop up; but then, maybe that was because her observant Mother had taken a two handed hold on it. It didn't matter; because, not being a dummy, as soon as I locked on to her hips, damn straight, Anita would have known what was coming next. That next being me whooping as I plunged my well-lubricated strap-on in to her ass. Like I said, I more or less lost it! So putting every pound of my one hundred-fifteen pounds in to it, over and over again I powered these wickedly savage thrusts up in to Anita's asshole! Yeah, and accompanied by the occasional shrill "Woowoo," I drilled them in with a rhythm that matched my wildly beating heart's. No doubt about it, I sort of lost it; gosh, maybe even went a little bit nuts! Whatever, I banged my super-thick foot of rubber strap-on in and out of Anita's perfectly positioned ass. And OK, I did it just as freaking fast and just as freaking hard as I could! And then, when his ballsy Daughter managed to get her head up long enough to get out a strangled sounding "Yeah, yeah, I like that," Murphy decided he was through playing spectator.

OK, and yeah maybe it was just a teensy-weensy bit over the top, but I was screaming, "More bitch," when Anita's Daddy swung around behind me, grabbed my hips, and put his weight behind my rapid-fire jabs. Wow, and yeah that added an ass-walloping load of impetus to my already frantic thrusting. So Ok, I almost missed it; because, well, I started to wonder if it would work! I mean just the thought of being taken in the ass, while I was taking someone's ass was, well, distracting. And oh God, never mind the fact that fantasy featured me sandwiched between Murphy and his freaking Daughter!

Murphy's Daughter was taking a royal ass fucking; and suddenly, like wham-o, the little bitch went freaking off! I mean, she freaking came! Yeah, what the fuck? I've mean, I've sure never gotten off just from a good ass fucking. But hey, I made another one of those stupid mental notes, reminding myself to work on it...seriously, I was feeling left-out!

I checked, and no, Judi hadn't grabbed that vibrating cock ring. But hey, I was all set to try launching my girlfriend in to a second loud, anally induced orgasm, when Murphy tapped me on the shoulder. So, I was thinking, 'what, does he want; what, to cut-in or something?' And that's when Judi scooted back and rolled up on to her knees.

Maybe I got distracted; whatever, suddenly Anita was crawling up on to the bed. Yeah, so like surprise; because, suddenly I wasn't pistoning twelve inches of rubber penis in and out of her freaking ass. Nope, she was kneeling face down, her knees right on the edge of the bed, her hands still cuffed behind her back. So, I was thinking, 'What the fuck,' when Murphy tapped me on the shoulder again. And yeah, I should have ignored him; but no, I glanced back over my shoulder. Yeah, so then I was thinking, 'Viagra, oh my God Murphy just has to be on Viagra!'

No kidding, I was, to say the least, impressed! I mean, the guy had already gotten off at least four times, and there he was sporting another freaking hard-on! So of course me being me and all, I was all set to assume the position, when Anita's Mother butted In, breaking my heart as she explained, "Sorry kid, but I think you and I are supposed to sit this one out!"

Sidelined, and yeah, fuming over that freaking "Kid," thing, I scurried off to the bathroom. Yeah, and I scurried right back too! Uh-huh, so I was in time to catch Murphy banging ass-slapping thrusts in to his Daughter's ass. Personally, I think it's sort of disgusting the way some guys grunt every time they fire a thrust in to some sensitive part of a lover's anatomy; although, it does usually mean they're having fun. Uh-huh, and in that case, well, Murphy was most definitely having a freaking ball!

Admittedly I was still just a wee bit fired-up after indulging, well semi-indulging my somewhat over the top rape fantasy. So, after flinging harness and dildo on to the bed, I slapped Murphy's wildly bouncing butt. Gosh and maybe I shouldn't have blabbed, but seriously, I just couldn't resist. So, while trying to sound innocent, I allowed a teensy-weensy giggle loose as I said, "Gosh Mr. Jonson, usually when my Brother fucks her, I mean, she almost always wants him to, like to pull-out; and then, you know, like, cum on her! Well, that's what Dave says anyway!"

Just saying; but I'm sure not the only teenage hottie who occasionally indulges in a cum shower. Nope, and according to the guys, and that would be Dave and Wayne, Anita regularly trips on that bit of erotic byplay. Of course Murphy didn't know that! Gosh, but he must have believed me, which I suppose is why he slowly screwed his stubby dick out of his panting Daughter's ass, laughing hard as he flipped her over and on to her back. Then, like he had done with me, he grabbed Anita's ankles, spread her legs and rolled her up. And OK, just saying, but the view was much better, well, that's if like moi, watching some guy's dick plunging in and out of some screaming bitche's asshole gets you hot. So yeah, I was kneeling there, admittedly making like an eagle-eyed spectator, when Anita's Mother wrapped her arms around me. And Ok, it was only mildly distracting to have her nibbling my ear, ooh, and rather aggressively tugging my admittedly aroused nipples. OK, so I was dealing with that, and maybe allowing a few gasped of pleasure to escape my lips; but hey, I was still watching her husband bang their Daughter's ass. Yeah, but that was before Judi reached between my legs, and oh my God, she had latched on to that freaking vibrating finger ring. So guess who was panting her way through a sensational, shudderingly intense little orgasm, and that would be just about the time Murphy ripped his stubby, cum spurting cock out of his Daughter's ass? So OK, I was cuming, Judi was snickering, Murphy was laughing outright, and Anita was getting cum showered all over her freaking tits and belly. Yeah, and guess who's evil bitch of a Mother pushed me down, actually giggling as she ordered, "All of it darling, lick up every bit of it!"

Refusing Judi's order was of course out of the question, not that I ever even considered saying "No," or anything equally silly. But, while I lapped-up Murphy's cum, I flashed on this time I had gone down on Mom after Dad had fucked her. It had been a kick; because, and this shouldn't be a surprise, but yeah, I seriously got off on plunging my tongue in and out of Mom's cream filled vagina! So, like total bummer, but Licking some guy's hot load off some hottie's body was another one of those 'Been there, done that' things. Hey, I'm not complaining; seriously, licking Murphy's cum off my cackling girlfriend tits was almost as freaking hot as doing Mom had been! Anyway, while I was enjoying that tasty treat, Judi and that sneaky little vibrator launched a second attack on my poor undefended clit. Wow, and licking cum off your girlfriends, while you're going orgasmic is like a total hoot!

The four of us wound up in the Jacuzzi, but not until after that freaking vibrating ring, oh yeah, and Judi's forearm's worth of pistoning fist had reduced me to a whimpering puddle of thoroughly done, and of course thoroughly satisfied bitch. And of course that had been after I finished my little snack. And there had been an audience, and I'm pretty sure half that audience was hoping she'd get a turn. Bummer, but poor Anita didn't get to ride her Mother's pistoning forearm in to total orgasmic bliss; well, not that day anyway! Anyway, out in the Jacuzzi and here I've just got to say, it's not as if I'm regularly a blabbing big mouth! I mean hey, at least I'm not as bad as Anita!

While the Jacuzzi burbled, Anita spilled the beans, telling Judi and Murphy all about how I'd been getting it on, not just with my Brother, but with my parents too. At least she didn't exaggerate; oh my God, but she sure as hell blabbed a whole lot of juicy details! It didn't matter; because, Judi and Murphy had already heard. Well OK, they had heard most of it anyway! Whatever, while Anita had been tattling, I'd been checking, and guess who was sporting another erection? Uh-huh, so guess who was getting a handjob, while I returned the favor by busting his big-mouthed Daughter?

Naturally, I was just too freaking happy to tell Anita's parents all about how their darling Daughter had spent most of the summer as my Mother's submissive sex slave. Only, what the fuck, they already knew that...ah well! Hey, but until Anita spilled the beans they hadn't heard about the time my Brother wound up on his knees licking her pussy's juices off his Mother's big strap-on. Big deal...who cares anyway? I mean, by then, well gosh I was tired! After all; it had been a long and yeah, wickedly wondrous day of wickedly wild sexual hijinks! But, I wanted to go home. Ooh, and having thought of home, I couldn't help wondering what my Brother was up to. Hey, it's not a secret; and anyway I'm proud to be, yup, an utterly insatiable teenage hottie! Gosh, and anyway what else is there to say; I mean besides...woowoo!

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