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Rick stands up and moves behind her his cock in his and small tube in the other. He gently spreads her ass cheeks and starts to massage her anus. The warming action of the lube making her giggle slightly. Rick then coats his own cock with the lube as he pops the head of his dick into her ass. Mallory lets out almost a howl as she is double penetrated. Frank grunts hard as his stepdaughter’s already tight pussy is made tighter. The two men take a few moments to get it figured out but are soon working their cocks in and out of her hold like a set of pistons.

Frank pounding upward into her pussy as Rick crouches behind her driving into her ass. Rick pulls back on her hair as Mallory moans so hard. The sounds of the room filled with moans and flesh smacking flesh. “I can't fucking take it!” Mallory almost screams as the constant action of both cocks feels as though it is ripping her apart. The orgasms coming practically one after another nearly non-stop.

“You will fucking take it!” Frank said almost shocking himself, that he would speak that way. He did not know what was coming over him, but he was not going to let Mallory stop not now. He grips her hips tighter to pound upward harder.

Rick's balls tightening as he can hold back the force of Frank fucking upward into her pussy and the tightness of her ass too much for him as he lets out an animal like grunt filling her asshole with white hot cum. The load was so big it fills her ass and starts pouring out as Rick pulls his cock out. The hot cum dripping down onto Frank's balls as he fucks harder and harder trying to cum yet again.

“Please daddy cum in me” Mallory pleads as she fills a slight relief when the other cock is pulled from her ass. Her moans and breathing are still erratic as she feels Rick's tongue probing her ass sucking the cum from her.

Rick licks and suck's the cum off her ass as he lets his tongue slowly work down the crack of her ass. He finds a giant glob of his cum laying on the balls of Frank. He licks and sucks Frank's balls cleaning them he finds just enough room to allow his head in there. His tongue licking Frank’s balls and the underside of his shaft as it goes in and out of Mallory.

Frank groans hard as the feel of the wet pussy and the tongue drive him over the edge. He grips tightly to Mallory's hips as he unloads inside her. This load feeling even more significant than the others today. He holds her there even after he is done just trying to calm his breathing. As he finally turns loose of her, he is snapped back into reality by the familiar sound of his phone. As he frantically searches his pants for the phone, he picks it up to see his wife's name on the screen.

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